Day 6 – Lake Baikal

What a loooooong day.

I feel like I am almost a step out of time or outside time – so hard to put into words. I have this feeling like I have done epic amounts of stuff and I keep looking at the time going …its only 5pm ….then it seems like hours later and its…6pm.

I am trying to make sense of some past life wounds that I was recently told about. I have come to the realisation that I cannot push things, I cannot intellectualise things – basically I cannot control things. That is one thing I have to come to grips with, just surrendering and not being able to control.

I am settling into a new level of confidence. I have little more to say tonight, I think thats funny in itself because I have so much to say. But my life is pretty amazing and profound at the moment – I just feel like honouring that by keeping things simple tonight.

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