Day 5 – Lake Baikal

What a strange but beautiful day.

Friday was bush walking day and things didn’t seem to go ‘right’ but it seemed to be perfect. I guess I am really feeling that there is no coincidences in life – I have been saying that lately but yesterday was one giant lesson in it.

I started out late in arriving to pick up my friend who was going through her own lateness issues, to cut a long 20 mins story short we both spectacularly late in arriving and while first driving to her house I was filled with this sense of its going to be okay. However after yet another 20 mins of wasting time we were finally able to leave and I was filled with doubt. I really didn’t think there was any possible way that we could make it because we had to be very late by this stage.

The thing that is interesting is that although things were going wrong I had a great sense of detachment from the process, I don’t believe there was any ego involved. There was a little bit of disappointment but I just said to my friend that if we get there then it is meant to be, if they are gone then its not meant to be. Well my initial feeling of everything was going to be okay was accurate and I was very touched to realise that they had waited for us. I also had this real ‘trust your intuition’ moment… its hard to explain, even though we can say that to ourselves a 100 times, for some reason this lesson just ‘clicked’ and I now am really trusting my intuition and acknowledging that I am very intuitive.

By this stage I had a slight headache but it was nothing noticeable, we started to climb and my headache got alot worse. It wasnt long before it was really painful and I decided to just sit by myself and wait while the others ascended to the top of the bluff. It was the best thing I could have done. My healer from the day before had told me to really be gentle with myself for the next week and I think my body was just enforcing that. As soon as I  went and sat on this large rock I felt at peace, I started meditating and it was lovely.

At one point I had the urge to tone and i started out very quiet but it got louder. My first thought was, no one is around just do what you want but my second thought was – who cares if anyone can hear me. The toning also got alot nicer to my ear and I thought it sounded lovely. It wasnt until later that I was told that the others had been toning because there was some world wide event where people could meditate and tone at noon. I think its lovely that I not only picked up on my soul family toning on the bluff above me but I feel that I tuned into things on a global level. My thought was – trust the urge and I did, I feel really blessed that I did surrender myself to that trust.

Afterwards we went to the Uki cafe and I had the best cup of chai tea in history lol I was stunned to find out how much time had gone passed, since parting ways with my friends I must have spent 2-3 hrs by myself in nature. What a blessing, it didnt feel that long 🙂


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