Day 3 – Lake Baikal

It looks like this week is going to be filled with amazing events.

Today I had connection after connection. I went to meet a friend for coffee at 11.11am (I love the quirky times) and I ended up staying there till nearly 3pm. I dont think I have ever had a 4 hour coffee session before hahaa.

While there I ran into one of my spiritual friends who I really respect. She told me about this beautiful house she had bought and how she was turning it into a healing centre, I immediately knew that it was my friend that I visited yesterday. I was all light headed and just blown away, when I told her she was amazed and to make things even more exciting my friend came along and I was able to introduce the two of them, ‘high this is the lady buying your house’ hahaha it was surreal.

I cannot count the amount of people I ran into that were friends, it just was amazing. Afterwards a friend took me to visit a healer/friend of his and her house was WHOA! I sat there holding this statue for ages, I dont even know why she handed it to me. It made my hands pulse and when I rested its forehead to mine it felt real not wooden. I then got very sleepy but fought going to sleep for about 10 mins until my body kind of aligned it self the energy of the place.

Tomorrow I am off to have a healing session. Then Friday we are going for a spiritual bushwalk up onto some kind of bluff. Saturday I am having my akashic records read and Sunday I have to check to see if I am still on the planet hahaha

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