Day 2 – Lake Baikal

I didnt think things could get more amazing then yesterday but good things seem to be happening. I went to visit a friend and I simply had the most amazing discussions. Ahana LaRa Losita told me that I am far more intuitive then I think and I have been trying to trust and remember that. Today I had what I call 4th dimensional moments, basically when I feel like I am very connected to my higher self and I will say things that I have no idea of why. I would even say that to my friend, I am not sure why this is important and then it would turn out to be so perfect – I was simply amazed.

I could ramble on for an hour about my conversations with my friend and how amazing they were but it would end up being an epic post. My day didn’t stop there it got more interesting – awhile back I ordered a Kryon book. It was the first book and that is all I remember, I dont know why I got it, I do remember ordering it but I almost think that it was 4th dimensional in how it happened.

I started reading a chapter out to my mother on metaphysical beliefs and what a metaphysician believes and it was EXACTLY how I felt and EXACTLY what I believe when it comes to Jesus, God, Us. The fascinating thing is I had no idea of that chapter, I have read a parable of Kyrons but nothing like this. It made me so much more certain that I am on the right path because this chapter just spoke to my soul. I got light headed and it was just vibrationally amazing. Its like I have taken little bits or advice from people and advice for 15 different books and rolled it into ‘My beliefs’ then opened the chapter to find my beliefs is the same as all metaphysical people…amazing stuff.

Tonight I just feel full of unconditional love and joy. Something amazing my friend said to me really made me think.

When I said that I want to talk to my guides and hear them OR I want to see/visualise things she said OOOOH I just saw you chasing a balloon. You know how when you chase a balloon your air rushing in front of you makes the balloon impossible to catch. I just KNEW lol I had been told over and over to sit, meditate, go within and all this other advice but nothing was as powerful or as simple as this picture of me chasing a balloon I cant catch. I need to just STOP, let the balloon fall at my feet and just simply surrender.

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