Day 1 – Lake Baikal

WOWZA Day 1 was huge.

Firstly – I had another session with Ahana LaRa Losita and it was amazing. I love talking to her because I feel like it is my higher self talking to her higher self. It is ALWAYS just what I need to hear and its almost like I dont talk to her until I am ready for that next spiritual step up the path to enlightenment or source. Things had conspired against me being able to chat with her before she went to Bali and then she only just got back so it feels like its been about a month since I talked to her. I needed that month to move through alot of lower vibrational issues and to learn a few lessons, so it once again proves to me that nothing happens unless there is a reason.

While talking to Losita she told me that I had to tell something to a friend. I rang my friend and she was having the most amazing day and it turned out that Losita’s message was completely and utterly perfect for what my friend was going through. I couldn’t be more excited for my friend and I feel like this month is going to be amazing (I think this week will be amazing lol) hahaha each day and moment is amazing.

One thing that I feel is a deep sense of clarity, although that is putting it mildly. I am a lot less worried about processing my issues and lessons. While the last two weeks I have been very aware of them but I think this essence and talking with Losita has brought me an acceptance that there is a bigger picture. There is more to it then just one lesson its my entire journey to spirit/source.

I also had forgotten my self belief a little bit, in my struggle to process my lesson I kind of forgot to just let it happen. I should have just trusted in it and let it flow but I kind have fought it, I was obsessed with intellectualising it and thats why it was so hard for me to process I believe.

Now I am back to trusting my meditations and believing in myself. I have a list of thing that I want to accomplish in the next week and I really feel like I have the confidence to trust myself and get it done.

much love to all – life is AMAZING

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