The Energies of October 2012

Also very relevant issues brought up within this post I found, I hope some might find it useful
September Review

September went out with a bang.  That last week was a doozy!  With the equinox, the full moon and the Uranus/Pluto square, the energies were intense!  Ascension symptoms were a little lighter in September, but there was some movement in the thyroid, heart and energy levels.  As we move into Ascension, our body is processing energy and time differently.  Energetically, the thyroid is how we receive energy and respond to it.  Do we process through quickly, resentfully, ignorantly or excitedly?  We are shifting into a more loving way of interacting as we open to the energies of the fifth dimension.  Time becomes an integrated part of life for one that does not resist it.  The heart then opens, flows and joyfully creates with the wonderment of a child and the responsibility of an empowered, loving adult.  Your compassionate interaction with the world is indicative of an open heart, seeing past victimhood into knowing the capability of All those around you.  Which brings us to October…

October Energies

October is a collective movement month.  The movement will be visible in the collective and those that are well with change and implementation, will find a natural progression.  As we move into a month of 10 (with the energy of 8), we begin to understand the flow of the individual within the collective.  Our individual needs are a constant flow of interchange creating a collective.  You share, you interact and you agree based on the system of life you subscribe to through your choices.  Do you obey, do you rebel, do you find our own drumbeat within the harmony or the cacophony?  It is always choice.  What is presented on the outside is a choice, how you deal within the internal flow is a choice.  How the two interchange is the difference between freedom and bondage.  Are you bound by the things you dislike?  Are you bound by the emotional flow you allow?  Are you well with the curves that life presents – some slow you down, some speed you up; but movement is always guaranteed.  Friction and fiction are the stories of life.  How yours serve you determine your freedom.

October is the new octave of your 2012 progress (CHANGE!).  You will begin to see how the internal shifting of the last 3 to 4 months has integrated into a new setpoint of balance.  We have released a lot of baggage and fear.  As a Lightworker you have most likely been aware of the change and have noticed the rapid pace of release, the wave after wave of the next level of whatever you left on the backburner.  Integration of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine within has been imperative this year (assisted by the Venus Transit of June) as you reach for Wholeness within so that your world begins to reflect this.  Your empowerment is beckoning you.  October will become implementation time (inspired action) for all those projects that you’ve been saving and your creativity that is awaiting birth.

There will be some chaos in the world around you if you watch the news.  Remember that we are seeking Wholeness for All and that the collective, which often resists change, will be wanting at least a semblance of status quo that just doesn’t work anymore.  As the world’s financial structures change, keep you Lightworker focus on the new solution with grace.  Keep your empowered vibration emanating an understanding of the power of Love so that others can access some Truth in the midst of chaos.  Be still, Know that All is Well and that the change that is occurring is in accordance with the natural flow of life – improvement.  Feel the excitement of October as harvest (northern hemi) or spring (southern hemi) nourishes your soul.  We are so close to the climax of 2012.  In 2010, October was incredibly powerful.  In 2011, November was magnificent.  In 2012, December will have some SERIOUS juice!  2013 will be a glorious ride!  In the meantime, allow October to rev up your engine for your empowered creating.  Be the focal point of creation that you were meant to be!

The Astrology

The new moon in Libra (10/15) offers us a new pattern of balance and justice in the world.  Saturn has just completed a long stay in Libra (and moved into Scorpio) so we have been urged to move into a new fairness with ourselves and others.  On 10/29 we have a full moon in Taurus with the sun in Scorpio, bringing some stability to our choices.  The north node and Saturn are in Scorpio for an extended stay, bringing a lot of deep change.  Scorpio is all about the unknown, the mysterious, the hidden, sexuality and death/rebirth.  This is a powerful time to be reborn from the scorpion to the eagle.  The ultimate Ascension!

In Summary

Movement is here!  After the twists and turns of the past few months, get ready to take some action and stay focused on the positive timelines that we as Lightworkers are obliged to create.  Your focus is powerful and it is the magnetic force that creates your life and the world.  Use it wisely, wildly and boldly!  It’s 2012, baby! Yeah!

Have a fabulous October!

Copyright: © 2005-2012 Jamye Price, All Rights Reserved. You are free to share this work for non-commercial use in complete and unedited form with this copyright information displayed in its entirety.


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