Day 14 – China Essence

I cannot really tell if I felt anything spectacular today it was our first really stinking hot day, I thought yesterday was bad but it was just a baby compared to today. I basically had no energy to do anything and I wanted to take a cold bath but my sister has tank water and the tank had heated up so much that the water was horribly warm. So not to waste the water I have left it in there and I will go have a bath in a  little while (by heating it up this time).

Its now night time and its gone cold, there is a lot of clouds but I dont think it will storm like it should. I think that the wind will blow away any storm before it has time to build.

In the afternoon I went to bed and laid there reading – it was pretty glorious even if hot because I havent done anything like simply laying down for rest in ages (I wasnt aware of that).

I really feel like its time to move onto the next essence – I havent felt like this since I moved from Antarctic (1) into Arctic (2). On my final days of Antarctic I felt a real sense of ‘goodbye’ to the previous fortnight and all that I had learned/experienced. Its kind on interesting because I thought that Antarctic (1) and China (4) have been my more emotional and the ones that I felt have really worked.

I keep getting the Divine Feminine in my Divine Guidance cards, I have been extremely aware of the Divine Feminine during this China essence. I have felt the need to pray to Gaia countless times over the last 14 days, anchoring my hopes that the Divine Feminine be balanced within the planet for all humans on this planet. Because the men need it just as much as the women.

I feel like this China Essence has made me more aware and much more certain that there is a shift happening and the earth is moving back into a time when there will be balance between the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

I am starting Lake Bailkal Essence tomorrow and once again I cannot remember what it is suppose to do, I will repost it here for all to see 🙂

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