Day 11 to 13 – China Essence


I had the most strange and amazing dreams that I only half remembered. After my spirit doctor healing the night before I thought all was going to be good but in this instance I was amazed. I only ever remember 1-2 dreams a month but this whole night was completely out of body strange. I actually think some of it might have been astral or other dimensional – it was very exciting for me, I rang my friend up who had went and she had similar experiences.


Soooo Hot, I dont know where summer came from but its 2 months to early. Energetically I was very drained from the heat but I was still very excited and full of joy. I think that is what happened on the Wednesday night meditation. I think it swept/cleaned alot of useless energy out of my lightbody/aura – I felt like it was almost a total cleanse or a rebirthing.


Did some much needed cleaning around the house for my sister. So I was physically tired but still happy. Then tonight I went to a Dream Drone ( it was pretty amazing but totally not what I was expecting I was thinking it would be relaxing but instead I felt it on a very intense almost cellular level. They say that sound is suppose to be very healing and I really felt like it was, I could feel the vibration from the didgeridoo in my body, not just my bones but it felt like individual organs were being worked on. it was utterly amazing. I feel energy more then see things and I really found this so intense, I am very glad I did it and would go back a second time in a heart beat.

Tomorrow is my last day on China, I have decided not to take it any longer then the 14 days. I am getting that completed feeling that I tend to get toward the end of most of the essences.

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