Day 10 – China Essence

I am getting a lot more certain about what the China Essence seems to be doing for people.

I have now talked to 4 of the people on China and they have all had issues about wounding to their Divine Feminine. For myself it was body image and self worth, another had worries about being judged, one felt unappreciated and the other realised the sacredness of their sexuality and how it is linked to the divine feminine in a beautiful way.

The lessons are not that pretty and by that I mean OUCH they are not nice lessons to learn. However I really believe that China Essence is bringing up things that we need to work on NOW. I personally feel that mine is part of my karmic patterning and one of my major karmic lessons for this lifetime. The other thing I have noticed is that it is VERY VERY easy to work on the issue. I am not wallowing in the self pity or the doubt, I am asking for help and getting – I feel wonderful and great. I see that there is things that I can work on and I am actively meditating and praying as well as verbalising my issue with close friends.

Tonight was very special as it was Meditation night and I didn’t even know what to expect. We had a lady talk to us and bring through the energies of the spirit doctors. This was not something I had ever heard about but WOW was it amazing. The lady put her hands at my crown and heart chakra and then I fell backwards, a man ‘caught’ me and gently lowered me to the ground. In all truth I was very sceptical because I am very self conscious and I was worried that my skirt would flip up etc. But when she touched me I went out like a light, my brain was going whirl whirl whirl but I couldn’t really move my body. I felt the spirit doctors working on my feet and hands as well as the odd twitch on leg etc

Its hard to describe the feeling, its like when you have something full of electricity and you make the hairs on your arms stand up… that’s the feeling only it was on my hands and feet. I still don’t understand why they worked on my hands and feet of all places but I am just accepting it as a good thing. After that I tried to sit up and I couldn’t, I immediately felt them working on my third eye and it was very unusual and to hard to describe (not painful in any way). After that I sat up and moved to the side, I was still VERY tired but it was such an amazing experience. I am going to call on the spirit doctors more often, they come but its not as powerful (usually) when its just one on one.

I am booking a healing session with a transformational healer for next Thursday. I am really looking forward to it because I think it is something that I need to do just to help clear all the stuff that I have brought up recently. I am thinking that I might take this China Essence for longer then the 14 days I might take it for 16 if I have enough drops left, this has been the most powerful for me out of all 4 essences so far, its not been the most pleasant but its doing the most good for me on a larger level.

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