Day 9 – China Essence

Today has been pretty damn near perfect. I feel like I have got my certainty back, I knew it wasnt gone, nor was it missing – its more like it was smothered by other issues and pushed back a little. I feel like I am me again lol.

Last night I asked all my guides and ascended masters looking out for me (as well as god/goddess). I asked them to help me stop procrastinating and finish my Uni assignment (something I have been putting off). I know I had a lot of external issues that cropped up but that is life, I should have handled it better. This morning I woke up at 8am raring to go (considering I was up in the middle of night with a sick cat I am impressed). I just got stuck into the assignment and didnt stress, worry or even think about my prayers till much later in the day. I asked with a sincere heart and received an immediate answer.

I am really feeling a lot more connected then I have in past week. I am loving this new certainty and I plan to go meditate in a few minutes, I am going both thank my guides but also just celebrate joy for a few minutes.

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