Information Gathering – Videos worth sharing.

It seems I am having one of those days where I am lead to information that is JUST what I need to hear. I have been feeling very alone in some ways because I felt that even among my spiritual friends I was experiencing something different. I have talked about my issues that have come up in the last week and I feel I have been on a bit of an emotional rollercoaster ride.

First I want to share this youtube video, it made my heart feel like it was expanding. It also made me feel like I wasnt alone – so I had a smile on my face but also a tear in my eyes lol


The second clip I want to share is one that really inspired me. It list alot of ‘symptoms’ or things that I have felt lately. This blog is proof – I have talked about my animal guidance and change of eating patterns etc (Once again I dont feel alone)


Lastly I wanted to share this one – I dont have all of these symptoms but it still felt GREAT knowing that others are going through similar stuff.


So I guess what I feel is that my guides are showing me to things that make me smile and help me feel connected. There is also another good thing, it really really makes me believe in the shift. Hell I am living proof that 2012 is special because I was a social lemming up until March 2012. I feel like I was in the matrix and new something was wrong and then I was given the red pill lol

Life is amazing!

2 thoughts on “Information Gathering – Videos worth sharing.

  1. we all are moving into this new dimension and your life and DNA is changing. Good luck my friend and stay on your path always. 11:11 god’s love is unconditional so forgive yourself and forgive others and simply love everyday.

    • Thankyou 🙂 I feel blessed even during the harder lessons. In a way I asked for the lessons, so when they get answered (even though its painful at times) I feel blessed to know that the universe is listening. I have needed to feel connected and you helps so much, thanks again xoxo

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