Astrology Forecast for October 2012

Since the last equinox the Sun has travelled through Libra, the sign concerned with establishing balance and harmony. In a birth chart, the Sun sign indicates the lessons that we have to master. Therefore, individuals with a dominant Libran influence might find themselves out of balance more often than not. Learning to reach and maintain equilibrium is truly an art and Librans feel most at ease when they can use their many talents for mastering this lifelong task.

On October 4, Jupiter, the energy field symbolising growth and expansion turns retrograde until January 29, 2013. Let’s use this 4-month period for turning within, for gaining deeper insights and greater understanding concerning current matters. It is not the best time for travelling abroad or having any new financial or legal arrangements to finalise since communication can prove frustrating and our sense of judgement might be diminished. On October 6, a new chapter opens in our current cosmic drama. Saturn the planet signifying limitations and symbolising our battle with reality enters the deep probing sign of Scorpio after a 3-year stay in accommodating Libra. ‘Transform or die’ could be the new slogan. Alliances, partnerships or contracts that were forged over the last years will be tested for their validity and will either be deepened or abolished. Saturn will remain in emotionally intense Scorpio until September 2015. During this period we might encounter lessons in mastering our subconscious fears and desires especially in regards to survival issues. Will we continue the path determined by materialistic and competitive concerns or are we willing to shift towards a model based on responsible use of power and resources? It is perfect timing for being constructive and down-to-earth about our ideas. Saturn forms a harmonious trine with inspirational Neptune from now until August 2013. Neptune’s function is to dissolve or blur boundaries. Under its ethereal influence we can experience feelings of unity and sense ourselves as parts of a greater whole. We are encouraged to expand our rational mind and get in touch with our intuition; then we will be energetically tuned to manifesting our dreams in concrete expression.
On a different note, Saturn in Scorpio functions as the ‘debt collector’ demanding from us accountability and discipline over the next 3 years. Collectively and personally we are reminded to clean up our mess, deal with our shadow, heal old trauma and take responsibility for our actions. Mars, the planet of action, enters visionary Sagittarius on October 8 (until Nov 18) providing us with the incentive of exploring new frontiers and entering the world of vision and probabilities. When we honour our urge for freedom, the right to think and act independently, our intuition grows while the fear to upset others ceases.

The Libra New Moon on October 15 favours harmonious relationships. We can spend our time having intelligent and pleasant interactions with others. The days of the Full Moon in Taurus (October 29/30) could be filled with tension. Letting go of something that we still feel attached to might be the challenge of the moment. If this is the case, acceptance will work better than resistance.

Aries: The entry of Mars into freedom loving Sagittarius on October 8 might spark your enthusiasm for adventure. This is a good thing, just make sure that you get all the little details right. Jupiter is in retrograde mode and could weaken your powers of clear judgment. Take extra care during the last week of the month and avoid acting recklessly.

Taurus: You might realise that responsibilities, liabilities and demands in your relationships have increased while your personal resources are reduced or at a standstill. Try not to feel discouraged, instead contemplate on your inner values and detach from outer pressures. Listen to your own inner calling.

Gemini: The developmental growth that you have experienced since June needs to be contemplated and consolidated now. Instead of looking outside, change direction and turn within for greater understanding and deeper insight. Try to incorporate other people’s values into your life without diminishing your individuality.

Cancer: This could be a very creative rewarding time for Cancerians who are willing to put in the hard work and take on a disciplined approach. The challenge is to remain still, focus energy and understand the real value of what you are doing.  You might find that you need lots of time for yourself right now because your soul calls for attention.

Leo: Use this 4-month Jupiter retrograde period for working out your most important goals and objectives. Keep in mind that the demands and duties in your domestic life will increase over the next few years. Whatever you have been putting up with but not yet resolved can surface now. You are in the process of cleaning up your inner life.

Virgo: It is time to draw together all the different bits and pieces into a unifying whole. Working on the bigger picture will help with important changes to adjust your life direction. Until end of January 2013 reconsider what has been taken too lightly. Refine and sharpen your powers of mental processing by starting a new course of study.

Libra: Use the energies of the moment and deepen your powers of understanding. Do not assume that you already know  all the answers, instead remain open-minded and alert. Travel plans might need reviewing right now   Balance your comfortable life-style with a steady focus on self-sufficiency and accountability.

Scorpio: Saturn, the archetypal principle of matter, structure and time, enters your sun sign on October 6 and will remain here for the next three years. During this period you might have to let go of a few illusions in exchange for a more realistic understanding of yourself. Right now, is an excellent time for rebuilding and restoring your immediate environment.

Sagittarius: Mars entry into your sun sign on October 8 might provide you with a boost in energy and confidence. Be careful during the last week of the month and know when ‘good enough’ needs to be left alone! You might want to do everything in a big way, but others might not agree. So keep your cool and examine everything carefully.

Capricorn: This is potentially a very productive time for you, because you enjoy your work more than at other times. Contemplate on your goals and innermost wishes for your personal path. It is important to fit in with others, but make sure that you are associated with the right group of friends.

Aquarius: For the next few years it will be essential to focus much of your energy on your position in society and professional development. Balance time spent on your career and personal ambitions with time spent on your inner growth. Right now, it is an excellent time for studying something that stimulates your mind and soul.

Pisces: Visualise your purpose and work on a new perspective, a new understanding about the place that you wish to occupy in the world. Make your aims as clear and practical as possible and be prepared to sacrifice previously held conceptions, limitations and habits. However, make your choices in accordance with your actual abilities. <—– Great website 🙂

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