Day 5 – China Essence

I cannot believe we are onto day 5 of China Essence already…..I feel perfectly fine energetically wise today and emotionally I am pretty much back to my normal happy weird self. In fact I almost feel like those dark days were months ago, maybe that is why I am surprised it is day 5 already??

There isnt much to say about today except that I am insanely releaved that I am not a pancake flat sad sack human any more. As discussed in last post (Day 4) I realised what my lesson was and why I had been feeling so out of sorts, I have a major lesson about self love that I need to work through.

I have been asking my guides to help me raise my vibration and continue moving along my path. The universes answer was to make me understand what is holding me back from my next stage of enlightenment/evolution. It helps when I think of it like that – I asked for this haha – I cant really argue with myself can I?

I am hoping tomorrow is going to be just as smooth sailing as today. So far I have had no desire to be bitchy or speak my truth which I was worried about. Apparently China Essence was nicknamed Bitch in a Bottle by a few women.

Love and Light to all – I am feeling immense love and gratitude 🙂

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