Day 3 – China Essence

Today I started to feel a lot better. I woke up refreshed and had shaken off the majority of my melancholy feeling from the last two days. I did fairly normal stuff during the day and the most interesting thing was the mediation. I am going to talk about the lady that gave the meditation it was so amazing.

Her name is Victoria Webbie and this is her website:

I thought last weeks meditation was amazing but this weeks was out of this world good. Its kind of hard to describe what the whole experience was like. First off we each picked a card off the tarot deck that she bought and the card I got was Emotional Flow which describes my mon/tue pancake energy perfectly. It even talked about how having a bath or entering water would help me deal with it (I spent around 3 hours in the bath on Monday so I believe my body/higherself knew what would help me cope with my drained energies).

Then we lay down and Victoria channelled a different language, I hear it as South American Indian and other times I hear it as Native American Indian (apparently each different person hears different languages, my friend only heard Native American).

This week Victoria talked about the White Dragon, Archangel Michael and Isis. The most notable of the energies was the White Dragon – wow when she spoke about it – I was amazed. At one stage she said we would be receiving three symbols into our higher heart, then she talked about some other things and then she said the three symbols were being ignited and moving through the body. I felt it, boy did I feel it. My chest burned (not scary burned) but still it was a burning sensation and then when she said it would move though all your cells and I felt the burning sensation radiate out and I could feel it in my fingertips even, it lasted for about a minute then the burning/tingling sensation faded.

I thought that was amazing but in fact it was only to get better. Victoria’s husband David had come along as well and they were going to try something new, its called a Drum Bath and they had not done it on other people before. It was so amazing, they would channel messages and/or sing and do a few different things for each person. One of my friend who is such a beautiful soul – she had the most beautiful messages and the love in the voice of whoever was talking to her through Victoria was just amazing. I cried like a baby and in fact I cried a few times, my heart felt like it was the size of a basket ball and it started to physically ache.

When it got to my turn I really didn’t know what to expect, I was 4th last out of about 20 people and I needed all that time to get over my emotions for my friends but also to lose my ego. I wanted to surrender and have no expectations and it took a long time for me to get to that stage.

When I stood up I had thought Victoria would talk to me, I don’t know why I guess because I feel connected to her energies. Instead David talked to me and it was the most amazing thing ever. I could physically feel his words in my heart and I started to cry with love and joy it was just beautiful. After they finished circling me while beating the drums (thats the drum bath) they stood in silence and then Victoria said ‘no words are needed’ and I didn’t need them because I felt it all.

I hugged Victoria while crying and she sang to me, I had to get a tissue cause I was all snotty (sad visual but true) and then I went to thank David, I had this desire to put our foreheads together (munay ki rites) but I wasnt going to ask for that in front of so many others, but he just knew and he told me the Wisdom Keepers were with me, it was just so beautiful.

I want to thank Victoria and David with all my heart – Thankyou xoxox

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