Praying Mantis means Prophecy

Scott Alexander Kings book is like my bible lately.

I talked about why I have been feeling blah in my last post but I just remembered something nice that happened. I went down to visit this tree that I had to prune about a month ago and it has beautiful new regrowth. Visiting it fills me with happiness because a) I didn’t kill the tree and b) there is something about the regrowth that just fills me with hope and love.

Today there was baby praying mantis’s on the tree and I remember thinking I should go and see what they mean in Scotts book – I had forgotten to check till now and it is AMAZING how appropriate they were to my day.

Scott says that praying mantis:

“Coaches us to listen with a meditatively induced and intuitive ear so that we may better understand our transcendental self. Offering no shortcuts or easy paths to enlightenment, Praying Mantis espouses the sacred stillness and sacred prayer as being the keys to receiving of Spirit and its prophetic messages”.

It was only 30 mins after seeing the baby praying mantis’s that I went and said my prayers which is also discussed in last post (I had no idea what they meant till just now) the other interesting this is that I did have a thought to meditate and see if that would help but I was so exhausted and emo that I didn’t even feel like I had the energy to meditate (how silly is that lol).

I think I will go meditate now and see if I can communicate with my Transcendental self :O)

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