Day 2 – China Essence

Today was a mixed bag of emotions.

The first half of the day was pancake flat like yesterday, I absolutely NEVER get depressed but that is what it felt like. I had zero energy and I was suppose to be doing an assignment for Uni – I didnt even have the energy to be irritated at myself for procrastinating. About 2pm I decided that I was over feeling like I was and I rang my friend to see if she was having any sad/emo reaction to the China Essence (she had also been to the Goddess Group). But she doesnt start China till tomorrow so I was left wondering wondering wondering.

Then I thought ‘why not just ask for help’. (so simple but I hadnt thought to ask anyone).

So I took the puppy up onto the crest of our hill and stood facing the old gum tree on my property (I think its a guardian). I asked for help and I asked it from every one. I asked Mother Earth/Father Sky, Archangels, Angels, Guides, Luminous Beings, Wisdom Keepers and the Devic Kingdom (as I asked the elements this giant gust of wind blew and my clothes and hair was dancing. It was very very lovely and the feeling was beautiful and uplifting).

I returned home feeling a little lighter in spirit but still very tired energetically. I still am to a certain extent. I dont know when it happened but over the next few hours I started my assignment and just seemed to settle into myself again. I don’t feel 100% me just yet but I am alot better then this morning. I thought it was conceited to say anything this morning and it has taken all day to come to the realisation but I think I am going through some kind of shift or something. I have this deep certainty and I find that a real comfort because I know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I am hoping Day 3 sees me lighter and back to my normal happy self.

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