Day 14 – Amazon Essence

Sunday was going to be a long day but one I wanted to participate in. I was up before 7am picking leaves and flowers because I had to make a mandala for the Goddess Gathering I was attending to celebrate the Spring Equinox. I was handed some chalk and a piece of string in order for me to draw 2 large circles, 1 smaller circle and double lines (I will post a photo soon).

I had been feeling alot of frustration at myself over my procrastination and some random irritability on the Friday/Saturday. However as soon as I started making the mandala I started to feel better, it was like I was filled with calmness with every leaf and flower I put into it. The most interesting this that after the day was finished I was in the middle of a conversation when I felt this pain in my chest/heart and I just KNEW that it was being touched. I rushed to the window and some of the ladies were starting to clean up the flowers. I think I must of poured alot of myself into the making of it without me even knowing.

The dancing was gorgeous as usual, I had to sit 2 dances out because I wanted to rest my foot which had the bee sting. However I also wanted to do a brief mini ceremony with the mandala by myself.

The entire day was beautiful and very very loving – I felt the Divine Feminine at work.

2 other interesting notes: Firstly we did a rain dance and it did rain the day after, not to much but it was something. Secondly I took my friend and her daughter to the Ley Line at Mt Warning – it was in the moonlight and all three of us could feel it. I think it was even more powerful at night then during the day. It was lovely 🙂

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