Day 1 – China Essence

Pancake time —Yep I am feeling pancake flat again.

The last time this happened was during the Mercury Retrograde in August. I am unsure of why I feel BLAH! it can be a mixture of things. It could be that I cleared alot of crap yesterday during the Goddess Gathering, at one stage during the second last dance everything went very still and some of the other ladies thought that spirit was with us.

I was praying to anchor the Divine Feminine into the earth so I wasnt paying much attention – all I know is that all the trees/animals went silent. I didnt see/hear anything though. I really envy those that have that certainty or connection, I hope I get there one day 🙂

So I dont know if I cleansed alot yesterday or I over taxed myself (I might have poured alot of energy into mandala and dancing). I did feel revitalised and lighter that night but I woke up exhausted yesterday (Monday). I had a marathon bath/soak and read – I then stood out in the storm for a little bit (we got some rain).

I guess I dont know if it was these China Essences that have exhausted me or if its a culmination of things all at once. I guess I will see how I feel over the next few days.

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