Day 12 & 13 – Amazon Essence

Friday was one filled with questions.

I have been extremely self reflective and I have been working on my issue of procrastination. In fact if I was to list what my worst attribute, personality trait or ‘fault’ is it would be my procrastination and my lack of drive to finish things. I think something is happening at the moment with the Uranus/Pluto alignment, Virgo being in the Galactic Centre and the Equinox. That is alot of energy that we are being bombarded with.

I started to clue in when I had three people all tell me that they were feeling irritated for no reason. They didn’t act on the irritation and become angry they just got easily frustrated at little things. This sounded like my procrastination problem and it made me think that maybe whatever energy we are going through is showing an aspect of ourselves that needs to be looked at and then shed.

I finally finished my essay and online contributions for Uni. at 1am (ugh). It took me all day of just STUPID distractions and I am just shaking my head while thinking about it.  As it was so late I didn’t meditate but I did draw three Divine Guidance cards and the first was.

Situation – Lord Michael is standing at my side helping to clear any negativities from my aura (help me with this lesson was my answer)

I felt so comforted – I had this once before and felt instantly comforted, but I woke up feeling better about it because the essay etc was done and I did a few little projects I had been putting off or put away the dishes straight away etc but then I just fell into procrastination again and I havent done any Uni work on my other subjects.

Back to feeling irritated at myself. I am really hoping that this is just being caused by the Uranus/Pluto second Square.


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