Day 11 – Amazon Essence

Today I got bitten by a bee and laughed.

The backyard is covered in clover and I have been walking through the bees and clover very successfully for weeks. My mother called out to me to be careful of the bees and I said very confidently that I have been okay and I’ve been trusting that I wont get bitten. But it was done in a slightly dismissive way and then I didn’t genuinely asked for protection from Mother Earth. The second I got bitten I knew that I shouldn’t take Gaia’s protection so lightly and I should never be dismissive. So thats why I had to smile because I instantly got the message and it was a painful one to.

The thing I have never experienced though is the bee sting falling out. Me an mum watched the sting shake and wobbly while stuck in my foot (it looked like it was backing out of my foot) and then it dropped off. I had no idea stings did that, I’ve been stung in the past but I have always rushed to pull it out or scrape it off – pretty fascinating really.

Tonight I met my first client for the Bush Flower Essence and it went amazingly well. I have given away alot and helped heal family or friends but this was my first ‘stranger’.  I was slightly nervous but I took some Five Corners essence and I was confident again. It was amazing meeting him because I felt ALOT of similarities between the both of us from the way we were raised (and other aspects). After doing some very honest and heartfelt talking which I think will really help him – we decided to have dinner and we discussed more spiritual stuff. As soon as we started talking about it I really felt ten times more connected to him and I now certain that he is soul family. I think he is going to become a good friend and he will fit in well with all my other soul family.

Its seems that I am meeting no body by accident these days. I am getting something interesting and amazing from every person that I meet. I also feel completely confident that god/goddess will bless the essences and work with his higherself. I feel great changes coming for him 🙂

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