Day 10 – Amazon Essence

Yesterday was an interesting one filled with alot of things I have half forgotten. I just feel like there is so much going on that I have trouble retaining information – the only way to remember all that I want write in this blog would mean keeping a notebook strapped to my body and writing most of the day.

Lets start with the not so good things = I am still procrastinating about my essay for Uni – I have ALL the information but just put off writing the darn thing. I still havent wrote it but I am sitting here writing to you all over 24 hrs later. I just have to do it so that I get it over with, at the moment I was bemused at myself but now I am starting to get frustrated and I dont want to fall into that lower energy.

Lets now move onto  the interesting things = I had this real moment when saying a manifestation/prayer. I asked for something and then I said ‘and so it is’ after I asked. Now I have to admit that I read it somewhere in the last few days but it just came out of my mouth and it filled me with certainty – I just asked for something and it was going to go just like I needed. I am going to use it all the time now when I try to manifest things or when I pray.

= I also did alot of guiding/counselling for people which was nice but very full on. But I went with it and again I felt like I slipped into the fourth dimensional communication where I was very connected with my higerself – so wise things came out of my mouth without me really thinking about it.

Lets now move to the amazing things = meditation was out of this world. The facilitator  was a channel who also would sing in whale and other toning voices. It was so amazing but it was also extremely uncomfortable for me in a ‘good way’ there was alot of activations and light codes and you could just feel the energies in her voice as she channelled. At a few stages I was very very uncomfortable in the legs they felt like a giant heart beating. I had to get up and lay down about 3/4 of the way into it because I was so fidgety in the legs.

After the meditation when I was waking up I noticed the man beside me was emotional so I put my hand on his leg to comfort him. I then started praying for Gaia to send him love, I didnt think about it – I just did it. Then after I sat up he was still sad and emotional so I put my hand over his back and rubbed his shoulder, I have to admit this is not normal behaviour for me to invade a strangers personal space but I was still out of it. I hug ALOT but that is over and done with quickly lol this was comforting for 2-3 mins ( I think, time was warped)

I told Victoria about my physical reaction to the meditation and she then channelled a message for me, I can barely remember more then two words – I just remember thanking her. I REALLY want to know what she said to me but I am thinking that whoever she channelled was talking to my higherself.

I thought my experiences were over but instead I was approached by the man I comforted and he asked me ‘why did you touch those two places?’ I had no answer for him – it turns out I placed my hands over his old injuries that still caused him pain. Firstly where his shin was broken and then where his should was dislocated. I cannot take any credit for knowing, I have been asking God/Goddess to surrender to them (and they to help others through me) so I guess you do get what you ask for.

I cant believe its Day 10 and I only have 4 left to go – at this moment I am not feeling ready I want to stay on Amazon for a bit longer – but maybe I will feel more finished over the next four days.

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