Day 5 – 9 : Amazon Essence

Sydney Sydney Sydney…I have visited you a few times over the years but this weekend I saw you for the first time.

Amazon Essence has made me very aware of my surroundings. I flew home last night and thought that I had been detached from my essence experience. But when I started talking about my three days away I realised that Fri-Mon I had been very aware of my surroundings. I people watched and was very aware of the trees and greenery. In my previous visits I was not impressed with Sydney and had an almost sneering contempt for living in the city (I wasnt aware of this prejudice) . Now I think it is a beautiful city that spiritual people could thrive in if they chose to. I have a kindred feeling with Gum Trees of all types, I loved seeing them throughout the streets.

Today is Tuesday and I passed a massive test.

I rang a friend all excited about something and I was faced with her negativity about the subject. The entire conversation was weird because I never fell into ego, at one stage my heart RACED and I swear my body went through the actions of being insulted but my intellect and higher self wouldn’t let it happen. I never let myself get angry and I felt my body process my frustration before it became an emotion. Its so hard to describe, I was basically blindsided with my friends point of view but at the same time she was really honest about her emotions and her jealousy/fear. I feel deeply honoured that she can talk to me like she did because we both had a mature conversation that was my higherself to her higherself.

I feel extreme GRATITUDE to Gaia/Universe/Spirit/My Guides – everybody that has helped me get to the place where I can have these conversations and not turn it into an ego attack where I get offended. As little as one month ago I would have got offended, said something huffy and harsh and hung the phone up in anger – then I would have felt angry/frustration and bitchiness for the next few days. Instead I felt confused and my first thought was where is this coming from? She never seemed to mind before etc – it enabled me to process it in a completely different way. We then went on to talk about what had caused her fears in the last few days and we worked through some ideas to help her feel better. We both hung up feeling releaved and at peace.

These drops and my meditations are so perfect – I feel like celebrating them because they have helped me so much. Even sitting here writing this and being able to be honest with each situation. To a certain extent I have always been able to look at myself with a honest eye and know my faults.  But these drops allow me a certain detachment which gives me the space to assess myself.

Thankyou God/Goddess for bringing me so much love. Thankyou for giving me these tests so I know how far I have come and thankyou for my friend who teaches me so much, she makes me a better person. And thankyou to me – to my divine spark and my higherself – we have done a lot of work in just 6 months, life is amazing.

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