The Crystals Speak

A dear friend just emailed this to me and I fell in love with it and had to share it with you all. I am safely home from Sydney and will update my blog tomorrow 🙂


The Crystals Speak


We are the Crystals, We carry pure light

It’s just our depth, That is out of your sight

We are buried so deeply, down in the ground,

So that we can, not be found

For our power is awesome, And our Light is so bright

That if you found us now, It would cause such a fright


We once powered your planet,

And gave freely our Light, But humans misused us,

So we now live far from your sight

Our depth is our security, It is dark and deep

And you will find us when, You awaken from your sleep


The time is coming, When you will discover our gifts

For we will give you all, A vibrational lift

That will boost your planet, And help Her shift

So you will no longer be, Cast adrift

But ride the currents, Of our light

Until you have again, regained, your inner sight

And move back into the realms of Creator’s light


The time to find us, Will be coming soon

Our gigantic size and awesome power, Will be a boon

For we can supply you with all the energy,

That you now consume And light your planet,

As the Sun lights the Moon


Just hold us and caress us, And keep us near

For we can lighten your hearts, And fill you with cheer

For our composition is purity, And our Light is so clear

That by holding us close to you, We can erase all your fear


We are clearer than glass, And our brilliance and glow

Will always last


We are Power and Light, And can supply all your needs

You just have to call to us, We are ready to please

We don’t burn out, We glow like the Sun

And when you discover our uses, You will have such fun


We can light your way, And guide your thoughts

So that you can, become, what you ought

To be ~ which is free

From energy bills, And planetary ills

And reap the benefits, Of power unlimited


By connecting with us, And discovering our gifts

You can, make, this mighty shift

Into the 7th Great Golden Crystal Age

That, will, be the rage!

Where all you desire and all your needs

Will be supplied to you with grace and ease


Your Earth is waiting, For you to achieve

Your light and brilliance, So She can leave

And move with our Universe, To heights yet unknown

And move you all up into a higher, Vibrational zone

Called “Home”


Our crystalline light, Will help you regain your sight

So carry us with you, and put us in your homes

And we promise you that, you will never feel alone


For we are your new companions, Your partners on Earth

And this is the moment, Of your rebirth

Into the Creator Beings, You were meant to be

And we are here to help, Set you free


We hold the matrix of the Universe, In our crystalline web

A crystal ball to hold, As you rest in your bed


We Crystals are here, To guide your way

So that you will not falter or be swayed

Just touch us and sleep with us, And talk to us each day


We are your Guides, Living with you on Earth

And it is time to connect with us and not travel alone

Just call to us on, the telepathic phone

We can hear your thoughts, And send you ours

For we are not very far, Time between us does not exist

If you remember that distance, Is just a myth


The Universe is waiting, Do you hear Her “call?”

For we are all ready, To come to you all

And erase the memory, Of the “Fall”


And carry you with us into new heights

Where you discover new clarity and sight

And wonder how you ever fell from such a great height

Well, that is all over, The spell is in the past

And now it’s 10,000 years of peace at last

That will not cease, Until all life forms have been released

From bondage and struggle, And every other trouble

That never was, meant to be,

And again you’ll become totally free


We Crystals will help you, to find your way

Just carry us with you, and don’t delay

Put us in your pockets and water you drink

And we will guide you, as you think


And your thoughts will gain clarity, as a result

And we will even monitor, the beat of your pulse


We can balance your body,

We can balance your thoughts

We can balance your whole planet, And everything on it

For we create from pure Light Substance

Which is what we can teach you,

You just need to touch us

And hold us close, Caress our encasements

That are smooth as glass,

And then we can bond, with you, at last

And transfer our data directly to you,

So your memory bank, can again be full

Of all the wisdom, we have gained,

That we can transfer to you,

So that you can regain and maintain,

Everything pure, in your domain


It should not be, such a surprise,

That we come in all, shapes and size

As the light from our bodies, flow into your hand

You will feel your energy field expand

And you will feel your body gently yield

And absorb the strength, that you will wield

When you focus this power, and use it to heal


For you are the LightBearers, And we are here to see

That you set, ALL life free, So just call to us

For we can hear your thoughts

No call, is ever lost

Even though we can be, Hundreds of miles deep

No depth is ever, too steep, And we never sleep


We are here to lift you into the spiral of light

So you can experience, the magic of life

We Crystals are Light and Love combined

And can lift your hearts into the sublime

Where you can feel the Queen of Heaven’s Bliss

As she touches you gently, with her kiss


© Copyright Dianne Robbins

September, 2012


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