Day 4 – Amazon Essence

Today was spiritual bushwalk time. It was such a beautiful day and I am really delighted and grateful that I did it. The thing that was so delightful was the way we interconnected as a group. There was a group of  9 of us from my meditation group I go to on Wednesday and we all would swap walking partners and chat about all kinds of stuff.

At some times we would walk bunched up and at other times we broke up into groups of 2’s and 3’s. I had a wonderful conversation with my best friend as we walked along the beach. I felt that it was a pure exchange from my higher self to hers with no real ego involved on either of our behalf.

I feel even more certain in myself after today. I believe that when I open my mouth my words are worth listening to. But I also have just as much delight in listening and absorbing information from others. I also have a real sense of talking and conversing in the fourth dimension I truly believe that some of the words or concepts that come out of my mouth are not always my own….or they are but its my higher self talking.

These Amazon drops are doing wonders for me 🙂

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