Day 3 – Amazon Essence

Today was filled with interesting connections.

I first met a friend for tea and met a new lady who I instantly felt comfortable with. I think she is going to be a new member of my soul family. When we started talking about the drops I instantly felt her interest and almost an energetic pull – once again I knew that I had found another person who was meant to take the drops.

Later that night we had a lovely discussion followed by a meditation both was beautiful and cathartic. I almost felt that the group discussion turned into group therapy as we helped someone realise that they were beautiful and can love themselves.

The only other thing that I thought is relevant to these drops is the wonderful detachment I have to my ego at the moment. I know its still there but I keep passing my tests. A dear friend of mine who is  a bit of a nutty professor was getting irritated at me and I was getting irritated back because he wasn’t listening.

In the end I would just say FINE FIND IT etc in an exasperated voice/tone. I didnt get angry, I didnt fall into ego and I didn’t fall into the negitive emotions. Instead I was brutally honest and told him that I was starting to get pissed off and needed to go home. I guess I am finding it easier to speak my truth in a detached and egoless way. I am sure I have more to learn.


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