Technology is hurting me

Sounds dramatic but its true.

Any form of electric current or battery makes me ache. I have had this reaction to my laptop on and off for awhile but not to this extent. I am naughty and love to sit with my laptop on my lap without a pillow or any other kind of buffer – well no more.

It really hurts now, its like a burning ache that is extremely uncomfortable. But its not just that its batteries to, I had the puppy in my arms on the lounge and its head was resting on my for arm so I didnt want to move my arm and wake her. I was not paying the least attention to where my arm/hand was but after awhile my hand was burning/aching and I looked and discovered I had been resting my hand on the end of the remote where the batteries were.

This is NOT in my head – its to painful and I had no idea that I could react to battery. I am dreading using a mobile or phone.

I would love to know why this started happening in the last 24hrs and if anyone else is experiencing the same thing.

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