Days 12-14 – Arctic Essence

Friday 12th.

Today I went to town with my friends and her kids. It was her birthday and we went for a picnic in the park, it was a lovely day and it started out as one of the more peaceful ones I had in ages. I had a few interesting moments – firstly after some sugar the kids went a bit hyper and I was kind of effected energetically. By that I mean that I started to feel exhausted instead of angry and my higherself was kind of asking ‘why is this happening’. After about 15 mins and a few crazy moments the kids were being almost mean/vicious and I sat down beside one of them. I asked myself how should I handle this – should I tell her not to be mean? should I lecture her on how to be nice? Instead my intuition told me to say nothing and stop thinking about it because thoughts are energy and I shouldnt feed the situation. Boy was that interesting – the child couldnt handle me thinking of something else (in this case I was staring a poster on a wall) and she left me in peace.  After we got the kids home and we sat down – I could feel my energy levels rise again as their emotions left me. It was a good lesson to learn.

At 6pm I met friends from Castle on the Hill and we travelled to Uki to see a concert. It was Elizabeth Lord and her husband (who I have forgotten his name) they both sing like angels and my heart was warmed to know that such goodness is alive in the world. There was one particular song that Elizabeth channelled and it gave me goose bumps. I got teary and it was only the second time in my life that a song has moved me to tears. – It was a wonderful night.

Satuday 13th.

Today was a nice lazy day that seemed to eat up all the hours until I didnt know what I was doing. We had to vote today for council elections so I went with mum and had a lovely coffee and cake at Red Rattler. It was extremely divine and I totally enjoyed my day. I got talking to a lady about alternative medicines. I love meeting other like minded people.

Sunday 14th.

Today I set my alarm for 4.44am, got up and went to the markets to try and sell my books. It was a slight disaster as there was hardly anyone attending and I pretty much lost money. By the time I added up the stall rent + petrol I pretty much made a small loss.

I tried an affirmation and even meditated on trying to create abundance for myself AND declutter my life – I mean getting rid of 250+ books creates a lot more space that I could do with lol. I realised two great things about myself 1st – I didnt get upset, disillusioned or confused when my affirmation failed and I didnt get the abundance I wanted. Instead I kind of found the whole thing humorous. The 2nd thing I realised was that when I asked to sell all my books I never specified a date LMAO I think thats is where the laughter comes into it, I have a few bright spark moments lately.

Today is also the final day on my Arctic Essence, I don’t have enough for another day (I took extra a few days because I was worried that I had forgot OR I felt I needed a bit more on my down days). I don’t seem to have the melancholy goodbye feeling like I did my last day of Antarctic. Instead I feel really excited and I guess you could say curious.

So – as slight recap for the last 28 days.

Antarctica seemed bring up issues that didnt serve my higher purpose, then work through them or even realise that I no longer need them in my life. It also gave me some very special experiences. Arctic Essence seems to have filled me with more confidence and clarity – I was also filled with a beautiful sense of oneness. I had that already to a degree but I have felt it alot in the last week.  The only other thing that I can say is that I am even more sensitive to solar activity and other energetic elements. Even peoples emotions effect me energetically, its not something I fear – I know what it is now so I just work through it.

Amazon Essence starts tomorrow I am really curious to see what happens and I feel really ready 🙂


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