Day 11 – Arctic Essence

Today I made my very first flower essence.

I dont know if it worked hahaha but the point is – I tried, I had fun, I don’t care if I failed. I don’t know if it is possible to fail…

Last night before going to bed I did a very brief candle meditation and I asked the universe for help in both giving and receiving unconditional love. I was reading the Australian Bush Flower Remedy books and when I opened it the book fell open to the Mt Devil flower…the words Unconditional Love stared up at me. I had that ‘ding’ knowing moment that this is important.

A few things can happen with the Mountain Devil essence. One it can release Anger and Hatred even things you didnt know you were angry about or thought you got over and second you can feel deep sadness after the release because sadness is the other side of anger. The positive aspect is it promotes unconditional love.

I followed all the instructions and left the flowers to sit in the sun for hours – I didnt want to make a mother tincture up because I didnt want to do it to sell – instead I wanted to do it like the aborigines used to.

As for the effect – I dont know if I am feeling anything much yet (but I only had a glass of water). I have a slight head ache and slight melancholy feeling. I have had a few mental thoughts about how I get angry at myself (I never thought of that before the essence). I will see if it has any lasting effect.

Interestingly enough I did feel alot of love for trees and the stars today – I mean I always do lately but this time I took the time to sit on the bonnet of my car and stare at the star in wonder – so maybe I shouldnt doubt that the essence is working. I am really loving life – what more can a person ask for (hmmmm my brain starts going this and this and ask for this but my heart is happy and content)

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