Day 10 – Arctic Essence & Meditation

Wow where to start.

Yesterday was pretty cool. I think I met one of my friends angels/guides. He looked human but the whole way I met him was just strange and awesome lol. She met him after feeling really sad and he gave her a book, the next day she ran into him she got the sequel in the series but he seemed to not recognise her.

She had been telling me about this guy and how unique her feelings were. We then sat in the park talking and about an hr later I am telling her about this angel tarot card I drew, she looks at her phone and its 4.44pm (444 is a very powerful number. It means that your angels are by your side and want the very best for you. They are asking that you pay attention very carefully to the signs that you see around you) – we knew the significance of 4.44 so I was already spun out when she looked up and they same guy comes over. He hands me the third and final book in a trilogy he wrote and then goes off.

The whole thing was out there :o)

I feel that there is going to be something really important in those books for her to read…or she is suppose to write a parable or spiritual childrens book etc.

That night we both went to meditation at the Castle on the Hill at Uki – it was a lovely group discussion in stead of the usual meditation. The thing that was wonderful is that alot of the issues brought up were things that I had either just been reading about OR just been talking about with my friend that afternoon.

It was just wonderful to know that there is other people thinking JUST like me. I know we all say that there is going to be a global shift but I just witnessed the power of a room full of positive people all thinking the same stuff. We have all been walking very different paths, some for years and some for decades. All those people and all those paths lead to a room full of people who are in agreement and aligned.

They are so obviously my soul family – I simply adore them and certain ones can instantly expand my heart chakra.

I am loving life.

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