Day 9 – Arctic Essence

I have had a very flat day. Energetically I was just pfffffffffffft flat as a pancake. I was so inspired by my flatness that I made pancakes for lunch to cheer myself up. I guess its not really as dramatic as that – I did get a lot of Uni work done and a bit of reading as well as potted a few plants.

I guess days like this are to be expected – Losita (spiritual coach) she told me that the body often transmutes energy while sleeping and in hindsight I should have just gone and had an hours nap (or nanna’s nap). Instead I just struggled on – Its kind of interesting to look back on the day with emotional distance.

While yes I did feel pancake flat – I also didnt really feel any confusion or worry. I just accepted my mood/energy and continued on with my day, a few months ago I would have analysed it to death and actually felt worry. Life is certainly interesting.

I received a few more interesting facts about The Hathors – I will defiantly have to post about them soon.


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