Day 8 – Arctic Essence

An unusual day for me today. On one hand I have barely moved off the couch – just alot of computer work, reading and a general feeling of I cant be bothered to get up and clean, walk out side – nothing. On the other hand I feel no guilt over my laziness 🙂 I have just accepted it and I did alot of ‘work’ online.

I am finding myself really struggling to do Uni work and balance that practical side of my life. I am going to really try and work on this in my meditation tonight. I am not a morning person but I am getting the feeling that I am going to have to start getting up early and meditating – I dont know why I feel this way I just do.

A few interesting things  have been happening as well. Firstly last night I pulled out a guidance/tarot card from Irenes house and it was purification. It wanted me to detox or purify food intake etc. I immediately had this knowing feeling in my solar plexus chakra that this is important, I don’t know how else to explaining it but just like a ‘light bulb moment’. I always ask that the Universe give me more then one sign so that I know that I am not letting my ego control me – so that night out of the blue a friend rings me and starts telling me about how they have started eating well and basically purifying their bodies.

I knew – yep its time to listen to the universe so I admitted to my friend that I had been having a little bit of cake/sugar in the past week. I still cant eat much chocolate because it makes me sick but I could eat the orange and poppy seed cake. For those that are new to this blog I posted ages back about how I asked universe for help to lose weight. I woke up the next day and could not have sugar in my tea or drink coffee – also every book I read for the next week talked about how addiction and certain things we eat stop us from hearing our guides clearly.  So for the last few months I had a very purified body (no real sugar and no real preservatives etc)

Here is the interesting fact that I am so very happy about. I woke up this morning with cup cakes in the house and I feel ZERO need/desire to take one. I have such great will power now but I dont think I can take full credit for it because my guides are clearly helping me.

I seem to have completely got off track – 1st interesting thing is the realisation that I need to purify my body again and that its so damn easy to do that if you ask for help from you guides (ask with pure heart and intent).

The 2nd interesting thing is The Hathors.

I will probably do a post just on this subject because I am clearly being guided by someone.

On Thursday while at The Castle on the Hill (Irene’s) I drew a tarot card and this one said Hathor and was about the Egyptian Goddess – it was a lovely card but I thought nothing much of it. I got home and opened a book of channelled messages that I had been reading, in this case I had been reading about Kryon, the book opened up at a page near the end and it was a message from The Hathors – I had no idea who/what they were but I was filled with the same knowing feeling I get and I knew they would be important.

The next day was the full moon/blue moon and during my mediation I asked The Hathors if they wanted to communicate with me and I received nothing at that time. Well today out of the blue I get an email from a friend saying she felt she should send me an email and it was all about The Hathors – boy I was blown away, I got all light headed and vertigo while reading the email. I plan to reread it when I am more settled.

This post has turned into an epic post – I guess I had more to share then I thought. You can actually do alot from an arm chair lol

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