Day 7 – Arctic Essence

I feel more confident in myself and my purpose. I still don’t know what I am doing half the time but I don’t seem to need to over analyse everything like I normally do. Today I gave out another set of these Light Essence drops to a couple. I am really excited about how they are going to go on the drops and what experiences they are going to have.

Its been 3 weeks on the drops 2 weeks on Antarctic and 1 week on Arctic and I am so much more clearer and confident within myself. When I talk to this couple about the drops I really felt certain about what I was saying and I felt in my bones that what I was saying was true. I also except that not all of what I said was really from me. I had obviously been given something to tell the husband and I just trusted that I was the person to say it.

A month ago I would never have considered myself worthy to give spiritual advice to someone. Now I just accept it, say it but most of all – I say it with love and genuine caring. I truly felt guided that I was suppose to have people gather together and take theses drops. Its almost like those that are meant to take them are guided to me and it works out well.

These are truly amazing times and the Arctic Essence seems to be making me think about helping people on a larger scale – I have stopped thinking of just myself and I am thinking more of others. This can only be a good thing.

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