Day 5 – Arctic Essence

Yesterday is one of those days that seems to just disappear.

I cannot even really say what I did all day – its kind of lost into the ether. I couldnt decided what to do to celebrate the blue moon and I was pretty scattered with my ideas, should I go see a friend? Should I do some kind of ritual? I couldnt make up my mind but in the end I decided to simply meditate.

I asked Mother Earth to help empower my mediation with the powerful energies of the blue moon/full moon. It was lovely and I instantly went quite deep into a meditative state. I was shown my actions of last night when I saw the old man fall over and my subsequent phone call to the police.

While on one hand I took the time and cared enough that I made sure he was seen to by the police I also didnt get out of the car to see if he was okay. My meditative state allowed me to look down upon the situation and really view it objectively I felt zero fear from the old man or the dark park in which he fell over but I actually said to the police responder that it was a bit dark and creepy looking so I didnt want to get out of the car or freak the old guy out so I just observed from a distance.

I realised one major thing. I reacted exactly how I have been conditioned to react by the media, government and social expectation. You think about it – the news is filled with reports of people who did a good thing and got hurt doing it – but they never report all the good things that are successfully done.

Lets say 10 people stopped to help an old man and only 1 got verbally abused or slapped etc there are still NINE successful stories of good deeds being done. But one by one all the stories of good people getting hurt build up and then there is this sudden social belief that if you do something nice for someone you are bound to fail or get hurt.

The Arctic Essence can ‘repair and return the soul to a state of innocence, helping you to hear the voice of reason and purity and assisting you to see your negative aspects. It is then easy to see what needs to be done to rectify it. It is similar to how glaciers grind obstacles in their way, pulverising the impurities and bringing the debris to the surface as very fine particles”.

I really think that the essence as well as the meditation allowed me to see how even though I felt ZERO fear I was still reacting to a fear that was ingrained into me by the media and the global negative consciousness. I am hoping that my awareness of it can help me brake that conditioned fear and it can help other reading this to become aware that they are not always reacting to their own hearts true feelings and self – instead they are reacting how they have been conditioned to.

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