Day 4 – Arctic Essence

Thursday was very interesting.

I had my second appointment with Ahana LaRa Losita. The conversation was amazing and just what I needed to hear – the even more interesting thing was that many of the issues that we talked about then came up straight afterwards. Firstly Time and the unimportance of it – or that is doesnt really exist. (If we really want to do something then time has no importance)

I was running late for a cup of tea with friends and I couldnt park (which is strange as I usually manifest the car spots that I need). My intuition told me to park behind a friends shop but I dismissed the thought because it is usually full, after doing another circuit I had a light bulb moment and realised this was a moment that was testing me to trust my intuition and I should go see if there was a car spot.

Sure enough there was one JUST where I had pictured there to be and the even more interesting thing is I immediately ran into someone who I was meant to meet earlier but had forgotten about. She just happened to be running 2 hrs late because of car problems and I met her JUST when I was suppose to (forget about the stupid clock the universe sorted us out).

I then went for afternoon tea at a delightful ladies house who is very shamanistic. I was giving  her the drops that I am on (Light Essences) and she was talking about this feeling she had lately. I felt that it was a conscious death (which is ANOTHER thing me and Losita talked about).

So when I talked to Losita I felt that I was actually having a conversation with my higherself in some ways. Its a very interesting experience because its like we talk about EXACTLY what I need to in order to help me through the next part of my journey and in this instance I think I was suppose to pass on some knowledge to a friend who needed to hear it.

Later that night I had a very wonderful talk with Robert Pope – he always has me thinking and I will probably post something about it soon but I need to think more (he is very maths orientated and I am not). We talked quite late but I didnt worry about time (I am learning to do that more) and on  the way home I saw a very old man have a fall and I pulled up aside him and he didnt sound like he was aware of where he was or who he was so I called the police – all things happen for a reason 🙂

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