Day 15 – Antarctic Essence

Sunday was odd emotionally. (I am behind on posts)

On one hand I was dead calm on the other hand I was very melancholic. I felt like something was ending and I was saying goodbye to it, it was my last day on this essence. I started having a bit of a sore throat but I wasnt overly worried, I dont feel that I am going to get terribly sick.

I decided that I was going to go and do something fun and something for myself – so I went to the movies and some quick shopping. I bought a gorgeous cornflower blue skirt and a bit of an outrageous blue shirt (Its kind of interesting that I bought blue when I dont normally).

On the way there in the car I had more animal experiences. Wallaby, Butterfly, Crow and Sacred Ibis.

Wallaby – Moving forward in leaps and bounds – I am on the right track and I am moving forward rapidly on my spiritual journey.

Butterfly – Transformation – The butterfly flew beside my car window for ages as I had to go slow on the dirt road.
Crow – my totem animal – As I said the words in my head (I would just have to ask the angels) I went under this tree on the cane flat and about 10-20 crows exploded out from the tree and circled around the car before landing in the cane paddock.
Ibis – Sacred (it was actually the Sacred Ibis variety of Ibis). They ate bugs side by side with the crow.

My interpretation:

I am moving forward in leaps in bounds, transforming spiritually and I just have to trust my guides and angels as I connect with spirit/god and discover my higher purpose.

So even though I had a somewhat emotionally sad day – it was still magical 🙂

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