Living from the Heart Space – Are you doing it?

This post is just what I needed today. I asked for Divine Guidance last night and I just got it. I have been trying to live from the heart since my spiritual awakening in April. I am only just acknowledging how much courage it is taking on my part just to trust. I am an Aries so I have always felt that I have the ability to self analyse myself and then WORK on what I find is a fault.

This is not always the easiest thing to do but it is something that makes sense to me. Why feel awakened and feel that I am receiving Divine Guidance and then ignore that advice and do nothing to change my life?

I have felt a real challenge and struggle with surrendering to my heart. My head is still to far in control but this blog post was JUST what I needed to hear, so thankyou guides for having a friend send it to me.

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