Day 14 – Antarctic Essence

Today was kind of all over the place, I was suppose to go start a new workshop with a new teacher that I have never even met. Because of the pup I am still quite tired so when my new teacher called to cancel I was relieved. I have a had a few things happen that were kind of annoying me. Firstly I have had this urge to go and meditate under this amazing tree on our property. I could have gone and I almost did except little things kept distracting me and then it was to late. (these are all excuses I know)

Then I had another animal experience – Two yellow-tailed Black Cockatoo’s flew over me calling out and they were so low and close to me that it was majestic. It was one of those moments that I felt very connected to spirit and I went directly inside to look up the animal meanings book.

Black Cockatoos mean – The Void – they ask us to surrender and demonstrate the patience that comes when we realise we cannot know everything at the beginning of any journey and that wisdom will present itself at the right time. Black Cockatoos helps us take control of our life by letting us grow at our own pace and learn what we need to learn in our own time. She encourages us to just sit in contemplation and wait for life’s mysteries to unfold without consciously seeking answers. She teaches us to trust that whatever is meant to happen will, but only in its own time. Black Cockatoos ask us to confront our fears and go with the flow, embracing all new possibilities as they present themselves.

After having this wonderful experience I was both reassured but also made me aware that I should have gone and done the meditation.  It reassured me that I am on the right path and that I can go at my own pace however I need to surrender and trust my instincts.

Today is the last day of my Antarctic Essence. I was initially going to keep taking this essence till Wednesday (an extra 4 days) so that others that started late could catch up to me. However I have a feeling that everything I have learnt from this Essence is finalising itself and my brain/instinct is readying itself for the next one.

I will still do it one more day and then start the Arctic Essence on Monday. It feels like it was a month instead of only 14 days, I had also thought that I would take a few days break inbetween my essences but I feel that I should move straight onto the Arctic – I dont know why – like the beautiful Black Cockatoo said…go with the flow 🙂

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