Day 13 – Antarctic Essence

This post is a day late – yesterday I started out very tired because our new puppy was a bit unhappy being away from its mummy and siblings. I had intended to go bushwalking with some friends but I was barely functioning after only a few hours sleep. I did however wake up enough to keep my other appointments.

At 3pm I met two friends to go to Mt Warning – my friend was going to show me a ley line they had found by accident years ago and we were going to visit all the trees that Robbyne LaPlant had shown my friend. Now as much work I have done at surrendering to spirit/god/gaia (whatever people like to say) I found out that I still have a preconceived expectation of doubt/failure.

I told myself to have no expectations but still a secret part of my brain (the lovely ego) was preparing me for feeling nothing. The awesome news is that I could feel it, it made my hands throb a tad uncomfortably and the divining rods works instantly as soon as I picked them up. I have a feeling that I have more to learn about ley lines soon. The threes were amazing and I loved listening to the meanings behind each one.

After our Mt Warning adventure it was onto the Goddess Group – a wonderful bunch of ladies who meet once a month for food, friendship and dancing. By dancing I mean tradition old dances – Brazilian, Celtic, Russian etc they are beautiful. After arrival I found that two friends from meditation were there and I was so delighted to see them and find out what they were up to. After some delicious food we went out onto the grass and danced under the stars, wow the stars were so magical and delightful.

There is 9 of us all doing the Antarctic Essences together (with 2-3 about to start in a second group) – I heard from one lady who I hadnt talked to and she has had some truly extraordinary experiences. I am so happy for her 🙂

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