Day 11 – Antarctic Essence

Today was kind of mellow and full of goodness. I have had a low level headache on and off but I have had no need to take a panadol yet, which is a surprise as in the past they usually evolve rapidly into a migraine. I see it as a little nod from the Universe telling me that I am on the right track 🙂

I had positive conversations and with friends and had a pretty relaxing day. There were a few philosophical discussion and I went to my weekly meditation – all in all a positive day. I kind of wish I was more grounded or more practical – I am getting to the point where I want to organise my life. I had hoped these drops would have gave me the extra motivation – but maybe thats the lesson, only I CAN apply myself and I am sure things would work effortlessly once I start. I guess I have to give myself a boot up the ass.

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