Day 9 – Antarctic Essence

I dont know if its the Antarctic Essence, my conversation with Ahana LaRa on Friday or the energy from the Munay Ki on the weekend (probably all three) but I was extremely tired. I got up and got myself breakfast but couldnt stay up. I went back to bed and had a dream/vision of a mediation that I am to give to people. Its a very short and simple mediation called ‘A Divine Hug’.

Its to help people who are feeling fear. It can be other lower vibrational emotions like anger, confusion, frustration etc. It will help people who are feeling fear but need to make decisions or help people who are feeling trapped. I will record it soon and put it up on you tube as a gift for people to watch and hopefully it will help a few people in the world.

I feel kind of weird writing that I received a meditation  but in complete honesty I have no emotional reaction to receiving it. I don’t feel like its mine or that I am cool or special. Its kind of mean in some ways – I have wanted some kind of acknowledgement from spirit for months and when I do get a sign that I am doing the right thing – I feel no attachment, no importance, not even any real joy. I guess thats the point, I had to reach that level of detachment in order to receive messages from the Divine.

Who knows – I am to tired to think about it. Good night..


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