Munay-Ki Workshop

This weekend would have to be one of the most interesting of my life. I felt this excitement and knowing feeling that the weekend was going to be extremely important to me. The ego part of myself was kind of thinking that I would have some kind of epiphany and I would instantly develop shamanistic abilities or have some deep connection to Mother Earth.

I could feel my ego in the situation and in the thought processes and I consciously surrendered myself to the experience. During the introduction and sharing I verbally and publicly explained how my ego was involved and how I needed to surrender myself to whatever happens and take all expectation out of the experience.

On the first day we did  3 of the rites (I had done first 4 earlier with teacher) and that night I was feeling a bit detached. On one hand I was surprised that I was not feeling disappointed. I was however surprised at how easy it was to feel and do the rites (I learnt to teach them) – I guess I had built up this idea in my head that they would require alot of energy or knowledge to gift them to people.

The really amazing thing was that I started to really acknowledge my connection to the divine. Many people have a guide or someone they feel connected to eg: Jesus, Krishna, Shiva, Buddah – in my case it is Gaia. I know it sounds strange but it was like I needed to give myself permission to have that connection and I had never given myself that permission. Let me be clear I am not saying that Gaia is my new God and I am going to worship her. Instead I feel that she is an aspect of god that I feel extremely connected to and while seeking guidance and connection to her – I am in fact showing my love to God.

Because I allowed myself to intellectually acknowledge my love and connection to Gaia – I felt tremendous relief. It also effected how I felt the second day – I learnt 6 rites this day and how to teach/gift them to others. I started off feeling more connected with Spirit/God but as the day continued I started to realise that I was starting to feel that connection within myself. I felt that spirit worked through me to gift the rites and it was such a beautiful, peaceful and divine feeling. I felt that God/Spirit connection deep within.

I was challenged during the second day at first there was a moment in the morning where fear could have crept in. I was confronted with someone elses fear but after listening to those fears I walked away and immediately felt nothing but love. I think the Munay Ki rites was the most gentle and loving workshop I have ever done. Later that day I was challenged again when the same person was in ego and had become depressed. I could have reacted with ego, with anger or with disappointment but I felt strangely detached again. This time I walked away and asked Archangel Michael for guidance, I received an immediate answer and I was filled with love again. I felt so clear and pure in my energies – I returned to do the final two rites and I felt that my realisations and my certainty helped me connect even further with the Munay Ki and with Spirit.

I came home tired but at peace with myself. I feel more connected with everything and everyone around me. There is a two month mediation process that really integrates the rites into my merkaba or light body. I can receive the rites as many times as I like so I am thinking after 30 days I will invite the other people who did the workshop with me and we might practice and gift them to each other again to really cement the rites into our light body.


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