Day 6 – Antarctic Essence

Today I had a pretty quiet day energetically wise. I had a lovely skype session with Ahana LaRa and started her 10 steps to Journey to Spirit.

An overview of the sessions is as follows, although most of these sessions change as each is intuitively guided:

  1. Understanding the realities we exist in, the nature of our reality and looking at various timelines of our reality.
  2. Moving into awareness, moving into stillness and understanding the language of silence.
  3. Exploring the repetitive patterns in our lives and decoding the root of these patterns, learning a simple process of “catching and releasing” the patterns.
  4. Exploring our challenges with attachments, control, judgment, aspirations and moving deeper to learn from these experiences in order to release them. Exploring fear based issues, including grief, death, spiritual fear, psychic attacks or the fear of the unknown.
  5. Moving into the heart space and exploring our heart intelligence. Living in the heart is extremely important for our ascension at this time.
  6. Heart is the way for us to expand into Oneness. We move deeper within ourselves by exploring the sacred chamber/sacred space of the heart. We understand the connection between expansion and convergence.
  7. Establishing and strengthening our connection with our higher selves, we explore our innate wisdom and capacity to love, unconditionally. We also start accessing guidance by connecting to our soul family that is not in the physical.
  8. Exploring the Truths and the pure frequencies within ourselves, understanding Oneness and explore our own vehicle of ascension that lies within our reach.
  9. Exploring our higher purpose and finding the balance between being and doing, the inner calling and grounding our higher purpose into our present reality
  10. Healing ourselves through our understanding of how Oneness works, the interconnectedness of this universe and the power of the Law of One. We conclude through a healing meditation and activation to help us move through to our next process of spiritual evolution.

I am doing the Munay-Ki over the next two days – so there will be no updates till Monday 🙂

I am sooooo super excited about it 🙂


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