Day 4 – Antarctic Essence

I am posting this a day late because I have been pretty busy.

Yesterday I drew multiple tarot cards that were telling me to journey alone to a sacred place. I spent half the day umming and ahhing on where to go and then I thought about the large tree at Mt Warning/Wollumbin where there is a shrine/plaque to Aunty Milly (aboriginal custodian to the land who past away). As soon as I thought about the tree I was very certain that was where I was meant to go. I left with a flower and a rock to take to Aunty Milly, I dont know what made me take them I just went with the instinct.

I climbed to the tree barefoot because I wanted to be grounded. When I got there I found a little vase that was attached to the plaque and I was able to give Aunty Milly the flower I had brought. I then sat amongst the roots of the tree and meditated.

After a few minutes I remembered something I also read about asking for what you wanted. So I talked out loud to Aunty Milly and I felt a lot calmer. I returned to my meditation when I heard a noise and I opened my eyes. Things were a little blurry and it took a few moments for my eyes to focus on the bush turkey that appeared in front of me. It walked right up to the roots of the tree I was sitting on and it was only about half a metre away from me. It picked up a leaf and threw it towards me and then pottered around for a few minutes.

I should have just went back to meditating but I just wanted to know what the Bush Turkey meant. I have to laugh because I know some people who are confident enough that they would have just had a conversation with the bird. The beautiful thing is that when I walked up to the lookout point I ran into the Bush Turkey again and it walked in front of me all the way down the rainforest steps.  I felt like it was seeing me off or leading me out of the forest. It was very beautiful.

For those that dont know Mt Warning is the shape of the Bush Turkey and the Aboriginals refer to it as Wollumbin (meaning bush turkey, please note the spelling might be Wollumbini). So I kind of felt like the spirit of the mountain was acknowledging me.

I guess I dont know what to really say/think all I can tell you is that I felt very blessed by my experience.

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