Day 2 – Antarctica Essence

Pretty chilled day again. About mid way through the day I had this day dream where I gave a meditation to a group of my friends. I decided to write down the ideas I had in case they were important and found that I started writing more then what I intended. I think the meditation still needs work but I think it is something that needs to be taped instead of written. (I have a good idea of how it goes from start to end).

The weird part is I have NEVER even thought of writing or creating a meditation. So I will say these essences are working in ways I have never even thought. I kind of expected them to take a few days before I started feeling some kind of effect. I think two things have made a profound differences.

1 – I believe they will work

2 – I gave up expectations and just trusted that they would.

I am getting seriously tired so I am off to bed. This is been happening a bit, I get a random flameout and I need to go to bed earlier then normal or have a rest in the afternoon. I dont know if this is the essences or some kind of other energy that is effecting me.

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