Day 1 – Antarctica Essence

What a beautiful day. I kind of feel completely serene but at the same time inquisitive. I suppose you could say I am calmly self reflecting on my life without the normal doubt that creeps in when I start to ask myself what I am suppose to be doing with my life.

I did a meditation this afternoon that was very calming and I was very sleepy afterwards but in a good way. It was like it took me 10 mins to come back from the meditation and start to feel present again. I went to make myself some lunch but I got the urge to go outside and after I watered the plants a giant wedge tail eagle flew low over head, circling gently.

I have had a very special day. I didn’t really expect things to start working so soon, but if this is just a taste of what ONE day on these drops can do – then I think I am in for an AMAZING time.

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