This Year is Flying

I have had some truly amazing experiences on top of my last amazing experiences which means my life is simply amazing lately 🙂

It all started when I read Serpent of Light: Beyond 2012 (I will review this in its own blog post soon).

After reading that book I started asking for more direction/interaction from my guides. I wanted to know more and I asked with good intentions from the heart. I had two experiences soon after that have blown me away in an Awesome way.

1st – I had all these experiences with eagles. First one circled above me very low – it was breathtaking. The next day I saw four of them followed by my most humble experience on the third day. Two eagles circled and hunted near me and my sister as we gardened for hours, I must have looked up at least 4 times with a smile and love. They then moved closer and I looked up to see them hovering or staying motionless very close. I asked my niece to get me some binoculars and moved away from the others to get closer. When I looked up I could see a symbol behind the eagle. It was an eight pointed star in a pale white/blue colour. I looked away in semi shock and doubt but within a second I decided NO I was going to trust in what I was seeing and I looked back up – there it was again.

I was there watching them for a few minutes when I got the urge to text my healer that I go to. That night I went home and drew a picture of what I saw and I took it in to show my healer. She told me to go home and look within to see what that symbol means to me.

2nd- a few days later I was having a philosophical discussion with my friends partner and he was talking about the bible. I had a few internal thoughts which to me were quite profound (but personal, I may share them soon).  When I looked past my friend and there was a shape on the wall. There was a clear square box of light about 40 x 40cms and inside it was the shape of a goblet/chalice. At first I thought it was a chess piece (the castle piece) but after I blinked and stared at it I saw it was a clearly a goblet. After about 5 second of my clearly seeing it and acknowledging what it was it disappeared but the square box of light remained for at least a minute.

Let me be upfront and honest – I was a pretty sceptical person who would have been the first person to dismiss stuff like this but after the last few months I have grown more open minded.

A few days after my goblet experience (about a week from my eagle experience) I got a phone call from my healer and she said she had a book for me, when I get in there the book has an eagle on the front with a star behind it (very similar to what I saw) and below that was a goblet/chalice. There was NO WAY for my healer to know about the chalice and she was pretty amazed when I told her.

So far I am about a quarter of the way into the book and its pretty deep. I will review it once I am finished.

Love and Light to all.

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