I have had the most insanely amazing time lately and have hardly been on the computer (very rare for me) I didnt even turn the laptop on for 3 days – I think thats a record, which is kind of sad, but I use my laptop to connect with family and friends so its become a part of my every day life.

I have been meditating more and asking the universe for help. I asked for the ability to hear/see my guides. I asked to let go of my extra weight, I dont really eat that unhealthily but I have come to the realisation that I use my weight to keep people at a distance (a literal barrier).

In the last two weeks:

  • I have lost all desire for coffee – I had a hazelnut coffee every morning for 2 years or more. Now they make me feel ill.
  • I have no desire for sugar in my tea – I literally woke up and forgot to put some in and discovered that I liked it without sugar – while only a month ago I told my mum it tastes like dishwater without sugar.
  • I gave up meat – This was something I thought about for months but never got round to starting. I never really loved meat so this has been very easy for me to do.
  • Today I had chocolate for the first time in months, it was pretty yucky I managed 3 squares before leaving the rest for someone else. This REALLY blew me away because I could sit and eat a whole block over the course of a night – chocolate was a real weakness and something I have adored my entire life.
I feel like the universe or the divine is answering my requests in completely new and fascinating ways. By cutting out my few addictions in the world I will become healthier and lose weight but I also have read that meat/caffeine etc can cloud psychic abilities. I do think my intuitions are becoming better and I am learning to trust my higher self.
I read a book that I will write about tomorrow – its a life changer for me!!!!!!!! It was also another reason I have been out of it over the last few days – I had such a powerful reaction to it.
Love and Light to all. I find it SOOOOO easy to love. So  easy to forgive and simply be happy. I have had a few mild moments when I have ‘bitched’ about a person (voiced concerns over their perceived faults) but I have been able to watch myself do it and realise that its a negative thing.
When I come across something really negative or someone saying something negative it really shocks me. I cant believe how much I have changed because 3 months ago I was spewing negativity out into my thoughts, actions and feelings. I was fake happy – people would look at me and think this girls got it together. While I was screaming on the inside because I was miserable.
The more I read the more I realise this is the key to changing the world. Its one person at a time. One by one I believe we will all chose to be happy and full of love because it is that easy. I cant change anyone and I feel no need to anymore, all I can do is show people love and genuine caring.
I am going to start doing more random acts of kindness towards my fellow humans and mother earth. That is my new goal 🙂

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