Crickets Mean Good Fortune

I have been trying to use both manifestation and prayer. So basically I ask the Universe/Divine/Great Spirit (whatever word you like) to help me manifest a job for in between my Uni break. I told the universe that I dont need to be rich but if I am going to continue to explore more spiritual experiences and books then I need money to do so.

I had just finished reading in a book about believing in your intent. So from what I can understand, I ask for something but then stop obsessing over it, instead be confident that the universe will provide it for me. Just as I am finished asking out loud for some abundance this cricket starts singing in the garage (its super shrill and loud) – immediately I am filled with the urge to go look up a cricket in my Animal Dreaming book, I said out loud – Okay I will go read the cricket page but I lay there wanting to finish my mediation.

The cricket then gets louder and I smile and say out loud, okay I will go read it now. I go get it from another room and was gobsmacked at what it meant. The cricket means Good Fortune – I felt this was the universe/divine speaking to me directly and saying – dont worry we will help you earn some money soon.

After that I went back to bed and thanked everyone I could think of – Universe, Divine, My Guides, Ascended Masters, Angels and Luminous Beings (I was full of joy and felt I should cover all bases LOL) Now I am accepting and have stopped worrying, the universe will provide for me because I believe my request will be answered 🙂

7 thoughts on “Crickets Mean Good Fortune

  1. Same thing I am going through.. And there is a cricket that’s shown up except, I got up to make it shush and its now quiet. It’s been around for the past couple of days. I feel the universe will open some doors for me.

  2. Hi Arsen,
    That was 3 years ago and many successful manifestations ago. Like with all lessons there has been ups and downs with fears about abundance. But I can tell you right now that I am more confident then ever that if I needs something – the universe will provide it for me if its aligned with the next stages of my journey.

    • I know of people who get gifted awesome amounts of money. I have not been so lucky because I have been in poverty consciousness. I would love to one day soon be in the place where money just flows in me in much larger quantities than it is now 🙂

  3. I’m always guided here by crickets… . . i’m mostly a numerologist and your post makes lots of since even down to the numbers associated with it’s link

    the numbers in the title 8
    6+2 = 8 Abundance & power

    the numbers in the link equal 11
    11 double creativity & confidence

    Thanks , Peace & Be Well

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