Weekly Meditation

Last night I went to my weekly meditation at the Castle on the Hill out in Uki. It is the third time I have attended and I am enjoying the current program. It is a ‘Sacred Circle’ and the program runs for 6 weeks (we are up to week 4). What I like about the sacred circle is that we get such a diverse and interesting range of people and I love listening to every ones points of view.

What we do is:

A brief mediation
The a reaffirming of what a sacred circle is and what it means.
We then are given about 3-4 topics that we will discuss.
Last nights topics was Symbols, Nature and Sacred Geometry.

Because there was about 10 of us it was very interesting to see 10 very different opinions and person reflections on what Symbols mean to them.

Afterwards we have our lovely soup and I loved having a discussion with Irene who is the owner/host of the Castle on the Hill.

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